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Laboratory Scale — Coflore ACR

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Scale-up Technical Note

The Coflore ACR is a 100 mL laboratory-scale flow reactor based on the principle of ten dynamically-stirred tanks in series. Mixing and orderly flow are decoupled from residence time, providing excellent performance and versatility for a wide variety of processes with reaction times ranging from seconds to hours.


The ACR flow reactor can handle many types reaction mixtures, from liquid-liquid, liquid-solid to liquid-solid-gas, without blocking and under myriad of reaction conditions.

The Coflore ACR reactor is ideal for establishing and developing novel continuous processes prior to scale-up, or when only limited quantities of material are available or required.

Pilot Scale — Coflore ATR

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The Coflore ATR is an actively-mixed tubular flow reactor that employs the same mixing principles as the smaller ACR reactor. The Coflore ATR operates from 0.35 L to 10 L in reactor volume, and has been developed for the pilot scale production of material.
Configured of up to eight reactor tubes in series, the ATR flow reactor exhibits excellent plug-flow, with experimental data demonstrating well over 100 theoretical stages. 
The Coflore ATR can handle a wide range of reagent mixtures (even those with heavy slurries) without blocking or fouling, making it ideal for a wide range of processes including hydrogenation, which can be fully-automated for ease-of-use and safety.
For a 5-minute residence time, the Coflore ATR can continuously produce up to 120 L per hour, or 2,880 L continuously per day.

Production Scale — Coflore RTR

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RTR Technical Note

The Coflore RTR has a 100 L capacity that is capable of processing countless reactor volumes without interruption. It is designed to compete with batch chemical production in terms of throughput and versatility, whilst offering the many improved efficiencies of continuous flow including higher yields, purities, selectivities, smaller reactor footprint, lower fugitive emissions, lower energy usage and reduced hazard risks.

The Coflore RTR operates as a ten-stage, actively-mixed & self-baffling continuous flow reactor with very efficient plug-flow characteristics.  According to the CSTRs in series model, the RTR flow reactor behaves as ten theoretical stages.

For a 5-minute residence time, the RTR can produce 1,200 L continuously per hour, or 28,800 L continuously per day.  Such high-throughputs have the potential to produce many thousands of tonnes of material per year.

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