Laboratory Scale — Coflore ACR

The Coflore Agitated Cell Reactor (ACR) is a bench-top flow reactor for developing scalable flow chemistry solutions in a laboratory environment. The Coflore ACR is a mechanically agitated flow reactor with a reactor channel divided into ten theoretical stages, according to the CSTR in series model. Coflore technology provides efficient active-mixing even at very low flow rates, enabling the ACR platform to provide great versatility for handling liquid-liquid, liquid-gas and liquid-solid-gas reaction mixtures with ease, and without blocking or fouling.

The Coflore ACR systems are ideal for establishing and developing novel continuous processes prior to scale-up or when only limited quantities of material are available or required. The novel Coflore mixing technology ensures that any process developed on an ACR system has a straight-forward scale-up path to pilot or production plant via the Coflore ATR (10 L)  and Coflore RTR (100 L) continuous flow reactors.



  • Highly configurable – Options include co and counter current process plates, different materials of construction and adjustable working volumes.

  • Cleanable – All wetted surfaces are accessible for cleaning.

  • Wide scope of chemistry – Works with residence times from seconds to hours. Mixtures containing slurries and gases can be processed, with minimal risk of blocking or fouling.

  • Simple to use –  Minimal set up required.  Residence time is determined by the pump feed rate, not the size of the reactor tubing. Good mixing and plug-flow is maintained by default.

  • Wide pump selection – Very low pressure drops for both process and heat transfer fluid, greatly expands your choice of pumps.

  • A tool for lab chemistry – Reactor contents can be observed through glass windows. Operates with low working volumes and simple controls.

ACR Specifications

  • Working volume: 30 mL, 50 mL, 70 mL, 100 mL

  • Residence time: 10 seconds to >8 hours

  • Mixing (process side): Active mixing

  • Mixing (heat transfer side) : Active mixing

  • Agitation speed: 2 – 9 Hz

  • Number of mixed stages: 10

  • Reactor temperature: -40oC to +140oC

  • Pressure: 0 to 20 Bar (300 psi)

  • Materials: Stainless steel, Hastelloy, PTFE

  • Production scale: Grams to kilograms

  • Throughput: 0.1 mL/min to 300 mL/min

  • Addition points: 10 side ports, one for each cell

  • Containment: Stainless steel enclosure with extractor connection

  • Temperature monitoring: Up to 10 points

  • Data logging: Programmable process parameter recording 

  • Alarm function: Set high or low alarms

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