Coflore ACR

Laboratory Scale

Coflore ACR Overview

The Coflore Agitated Cell Reactor (ACR) is a bench-top flow reactor for developing scalable flow chemistry solutions in a laboratory environment. The Coflore ACR is a mechanically agitated flow reactor with a reactor channel divided into ten theoretical stages in accordance with the CSTRs in series model. Coflore technology provides efficient active-mixing even at very low flow rates, enabling the ACR platform to provide versatility for handling a variety of liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, liquid-gas and solid-liquid-gas reaction mixtures.

The Coflore ACR flow reactor is ideal for establishing and developing continuous processes prior to scale-up, or when only limited quantities of material are available or required. The novel Coflore mixing technology ensures that any process developed on an ACR system has a straight-forward path to scale-up to pilot or production scales via the larger-volume Coflore ATR (10 L) and Coflore RTR (100 L) flow reactors.

  • Highly configurable – Options include co- and counter- current cell blocks, different materials of construction and adjustable working volumes (30 to 100 mL).

  • Cleanable – All wetted surfaces and components are easily accessible for cleaning.

  • Wide scope of chemistry – Works with residence times from seconds to hours. Mixtures containing slurries and gases can be processed, with minimal risk of blocking or fouling.

  • Simple to use –  Minimal set up required.  Residence time is determined by the pump feed rate, not the size of the reactor process channels. Good mixing and orderly-flow is maintained by default.

  • Wide pump selection – Very low pressure drops for both process and heat transfer fluid, greatly expands your choice of pumps.

  • A tool for lab chemistry – Reactor contents can be observed through glass windows. Operates with low working volumes and simple controls.

The Coflore ACR® (Digital Version)

Coflore ACR Features and Specifications

Coflore ACR® Specifications

  • Working volume: 30 mL, 50 mL, 70 mL, 100 mL

  • Residence time: 10 seconds to >8 hours

  • Mixing (process side): Active mixing

  • Mixing (heat transfer side): Active mixing

  • Agitation speed: 2 – 9 Hz

  • Number of mixed stages: 10

  • Reactor temperature: -40oC to +140oC

  • Pressure: up to 10 Bar

  • Wetted materials: Stainless steel, Hastelloy, PTFE

  • Production scale: Grams to kilograms

  • Throughput: 0.1 mL/min to 300 mL/min

  • Addition points: 10 side ports, one for each cell

  • Containment: Stainless steel enclosure with extractor connection

  • Temperature monitoring: Up to 10 points

  • Data logging: Programmable process parameter recording 

  • Alarm function: Set high or low alarms

Coflore ACR® Reactor Block (Exploded View)

The Coflore ACR® Reactor Block (Cut-Away)

The Coflore ACR® Reactor Block is composed of ten reaction cells in series for excellent orderly flow, the demountable reactor block is easily assembled and disassembled to facilitate effective cleaning of all wetted parts and components.  Agitators within the reactor cells generate mixing through reactor movement when mounted on the agitating platform, and are interchangeable with different agitator designs.  Borosilicate windows give visibility into the reaction cells. Sample points, addition points and temperature measurement can be added to any of the 10 reaction cells.  Heat transfer fluid  passes through the back plate of the reactor block and is actively mixed for outstanding performance. Standard laboratory heater/chillers can be connected to the reactor cabinet.  The reactor cell block can be made of stainless steel, PTFE or Hastelloy.

The Coflore ACR® Reactor Block is comprised of the following:

  • Mounting Platefor attaching the ACR Reactor Block to the agitating platform

  • Heat Transfer Fluid Inlet/Outletfor heating/cooling the ACR Reactor Block

  • Heat Transfer Plate made from titanium

  • Heat Transfer O-Ringmade from Viton

  • Heat Transfer Fluid Agitators increase the heat transfer co-efficient across the heat transfer plate

  • Heat Transfer Flangemade from Hastelloy

  • Process O-Ring made from PTFE

  • Cell Block Agitatorsfor active mixing of the reaction cells. Agitator size dictates the overall reactor volume (30 mL, 50 mL, 70 mL, 100 mL)

  • ACR Cell Blockmade from stainless steel, Hastelloy or PTFE. Available for co-current and counter-current operation

  • ACR Cell Block Portsa total of ten ports allow for adding/removing of material to/from each cell and for monitoring of process parameters such as temperature at each cell

  • Process Gasketmade from PTFE

  • Borosilicate Glass Windowsenable viewing the inside of a reaction cell

  • Process Inlet/Outlet Portfor feeding process chemicals to/from the reactor cell block

  • Reactor Block Assembly Front Platemade from titanium

The Coflore ACR® Co-Current Cell Block (ACR-100) is the standard ACR reactor block with a nominal working volume of between 30 to 100 mL,  adjusted using appropriately sized cylindrical agitators within the ten reaction cells, each occupying 30%, 50% or 70% of the cell volume.  High shear agitators are used to give a working reactor volume of 100 mL.  The ACR-100 cell block is ideally suited to processing homogeneous and multiphase mixtures, including dense slurries and gases. The ACR-100 co-current cell block fits inside an ACR reactor block assembly, which is mounted onto a Coflore® ACR Control Cabinet. It is comprised of ten reaction stages in series and features optional borosilicate glass viewing windows, side and front entry ports, single and multiport injection nozzles as well as multipoint temperature measurement, to each of the ten reaction cells.



Cell diameter: 25 mm,  process channel size: 4 x 4 mm, total reactor volume: 100 mL,  cell depth: 20 mm

No. of process channels: 11

The Coflore ACR® Counter-Current Cell Block (ACX-100) is used for counter-current operations which include counter-current extraction and reactions, processing multiphase materials flowing in opposite directions. The ACX-100 replaces the ACR-100 cell block inside the ACR reactor block assembly. Continuous counter-current extractors give higher extraction efficiency with lower solvent usage when compared to standard co-current configurations.  The ACX-100 is comprised of ten reaction stages in series and features optional borosilicate glass viewing windows, side and front entry ports, single- and multi- port injection nozzles as well as multipoint temperature measurement, for each of the ten reaction cells.


Cell diameter: 25 mm,  process channel size: 4 x 4 mm, total reactor volume: 100 mL,  cell depth:  20 mm

No. of process channels: 20

Coflore ACR Cell Blocks (Co-Current and Counter-Current)

Coflore ACR Reactor Block Mounting Plate and Socket

655 mm

1085 mm

726 mm

480 mm

1062 mm

430 mm

655 mm

Digital Control Features  and Specifications​:

  • Temperature Display with up to 10 thermocouple inputs and 10 temperature displays

  • Programmable Alarm for high and low temperature set points

  • Ethernet Connection enabling remote control via PC

  • Start/Stop Agitation with 8 agitation frequencies: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Hz

  • Remote DCS/PLC Interface for remote agitation control with local and remote emergency stop

  • Pump Control for up to 3 pumps via a 4 - 20 mA signal to include: start/stop, set point 0 - 100%, pump flow rate totaliser & automatic pump control

  • Actuated Valve Control for up to 2 actuated valves to include: open / close time & flow rate totaliser

  • 4 - 20 mA Input Monitoring for to 4 input signals measuring 4 - 20 mA from 0 - 100%

  • Data Logging for process monitoring & data export to MS Excel

  • ATEX certification and CFR21 compliance options available on request

Technical Specifications​:

  • Maximum reactor mass: 9 kg

  • Agitating platform mass: 130 kg

  • Noise: < 70 dBA

ACR Dimensions:


  • Height: 430 mm

  • Width:   655 mm

  • Length: 480 mm

Anti-Vibration Table:

  • Height: 655 mm

  • Width:  1062 mm

  • Length: 762 mm


  • Compressed air: 3 bar, 3.2 CFM oil free clean air

  • Maximum air pressure: 6 bar

  • Power supply: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 2A

  • Compressed air connection: 6 mm push fit

  • Heat transfer fluid connections: M16 x 1.0 Huber


The Coflore ACR® Brochure



ACR Accessories Brochure Cover.PNG

The Coflore ACR® Brochure



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