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October 2018, AM Technology are currently recruiting for the following positions at their Runcorn Head Offices, UK:
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CHIRAL INDIA 2018, 26th Oct 2018, Mumbai

Mr Vijay Kirpalani, CEO of Pi-Process Intensification Experts LLP, based in Mumbai will present a talk to discuss:

  • Efficient & Viable Manufacture of Chiral moeties using Biocatalysis in FLOW Reactors

Chiral India 2018, “The business of chirality: Contemporary and complementary technologies ” will highlight the latest advances in chiral drug development and also explore many dimensions of contemporary chiral systems and complementary technologies for new drug design and development. In an attempt to highlight the power of chirality it will also highlight how chiral chemistry and tools are shaping new crop protection actives and advanced materials. Internationally reputed chiral experts from across the world, and India will share path breaking advances in chiral drug development.  Click here for a link to the event's agenda.

Based in Mumbai, India, Pi-Process Intensification is a group of Chemical Engineers and Scientists specialized in Process Intensification for the API and Fine-Chemical Industries, with more than 30 years of industrial and research experience.

Vijay Kirpalani, CEO
Pi-Process Intensification Experts LLP

Flow Reactors for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

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