Multi-Phase Handling Rig

Traditionally, liquid-solid-gas reaction mixtures have been problematic for continuous flow reactors due to the propensity of solids to cause the fouling or blocking of flow channels interrupting the flow of the reaction mixtures and products, and leading to poor reaction outcomes. Liquid-gas reactions under flow can exhibit similar complications through blocking via the accumulation of gas bubbles when processing gaseous reactants or products.


The Coflore Multi-Phase Handling Rig has been designed to overcome these inherent limitations of handling solids and gases in flow to facilitate an effective, efficient, automated and uninterrupted method of processing liquid-gas and liquid-gas-solid reaction mixtures under continuous flow operation when integrated with the Coflore ACR, ATR & RTR continuous flow reactors.


After initial set-up and start-up, the Coflore Multi-Phase Handling Rig automates and manages the entire reaction process from start to finish, without the need for user-intervention, making way for the processing of traditionally problematic reaction processes such as hydrogenation under flow conditions.

Automated hydrogenation in a continuous flow reactor

The unique combination of the Multi-Phase Handling Rig's automation, absence of mechanical valves and flow meters, alongside the Coflore reactor range's ability to handle and process solids and gases has enabled the hydrogenation process with continuous flow processing.

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