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Coflore RTR

Production (Multi-Tonne) Scale

The productivity, scalability and versatility of batch chemical manufacture, combined with the efficiencies of flow, within a single flow reactor.

AM Technology has many years experience in designing  and building flow reactors.  Our latest development, the Coflore® RTR, opens the door to all of the desirable benefits of flow, whilst incorporating vast improvements in throughput, scalability and versatility normally only associated with batch chemical processing.

The Coflore RTR has a 100 L capacity that is capable of processing countless reactor volumes without interruption.  For a 5-minute residence time, the RTR can produce 1,200 L continuously per hour, or 28,800 L continuously per day.  Such high-throughputs have the potential to produce many thousands of tonnes of material per year.   An easy route from laboratory to production and a high level of versatility have also been established, whilst offering the very desirable advantages of flow technology.

The Coflore RTR operates as a ten-stage, actively-mixed, self-baffling continuous flow reactor with very efficient plug-flow characteristics.  According to the CSTRs in series model, the RTR flow reactor behaves as ten theoretical stages.



Easy to clean and sterilise

The reactor unit is easily disassembled and reassembled to facilitate efficient cleaning and sterilisation of all wetted components.

Heating/cooling (-30 C to 170 C)

The three-zone jacket delivers excellent heat-transfer performance with the option of tuning the heating and cooling conditions to suit the reaction kinetics.

The Coflore RTR: the best of both worlds

All within a single flow reactor.  The inertia mixing and efficient heat-transfer performance of the Coflore RTR enable it to effectively process liquid-liquid, liquid-gas, liquid-solid and liquid-solid-gas reaction mixtures, as well as perform extractions (co-current and counter-current) and crystallisations at a productivity, scalability and versatility comparable to those of batch with the performance of flow.

Size comparison: Coflore RTR vs 7000 L batch reactor. For a 20 min residence time, the Coflore RTR can process >7000 L in less than 24 h

The Coflore RTR employs inertia-generated radial mixing that gives high performance mixing without the need for rotating drive shafts, mechanical seals or  wall-mounted baffles.   Such advancements overcome difficulties in mixing that can be present in flow designs when processing higher volumes and throughputs.  This leads to a simple but effective design that overcomes blocking and fouling, issues that have traditionally associated with continuous reactors.

The axial blades rotate in reciprocating cycles to give self-baffling and radial mixing.  Maximum turbulence and shear conditions exist at the very outer region of the tube to optimise multi-phase handling characteristics. This delivers short mixing times, excellent mass-transfer conditions and optimum heat-transfer, whilst eliminating back-mixing to maintain orderly flow, with mixing independent of residence time.

A close-up of radial baffles and mixing assembly (arrows)

Coflore RTR Flow reactor

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