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200 Degree ATR 8 Tube Stack with 1'' HTF

The Realistic Alternative to Production-Scale Batch Chemical Manufacturing

AM Technology designs and manufactures continuous flow reactors for the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Versatile. Productive. Efficient.

Coflore® flow reactors from AM Technology are actively mixed and multi-stage with efficient plug flow characteristics. Mixing efficiency and plug flow performance are independent of residence time facilitating reaction times ranging from a few seconds to many hours, irrespective of pump flow rate or process fluid velocity. Novel reactor designs enhance productivity, versatility, and process scalability to degrees previously considered unique to batch manufacture.


Coflore flow reactors are compatible with all types of reaction media, including liquid, liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, liquid-gas, and solid-liquid-gas, producing up to thousands of tonnes of material per year from a single reactor.

The entire Coflore flow reactor range exhibits excellent solids-handling capabilities for slurries with solids up to 50 w/w%.

Coflore Digital ACR Render
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Laboratory Scale

100 mL Reactor Volume

Pilot / Production Scale

10 L Reactor Volume

Production Scale

100 L Reactor Volume

The Coflore ACR is an actively mixed, bench-top flow reactor, used within a laboratory environment for developing and optimizing scalable flow chemistry solutions, or for when limited quantities of reactants or material are available or required. The Coflore ACR reactor process channel is divided into ten reactor cells, equivalent to ten CSTRs in series for plug flow.

For a 5-minute residence time, the Coflore ACR produces 1.2 L of material per hour.

The Coflore ATR is an actively mixed, tubular flow reactor of up to eight reactor tubes in series for plug flow, operating up to 10 L in reactor volume to produce material at the pilot and production scales.  Each of the tubes can be heated or cooled independently, and reagents can be added, or samples removed, at each end of each reactor tube.

For a 5-minute residence time, the Coflore ATR produces 120 L of material per hour.

The Coflore RTR has a 100 L capacity that is capable of processing countless reactor volumes without interruption. Such throughputs have the potential to produce many thousands of tons of material per year from a single reactor.   The Coflore RTR operates as a ten-stage, actively mixed, and self-baffling plug flow reactor.

For a 5-minute residence time, the Coflore RTR produces 1,200 L of material per hour.

AM Technology offers a wide range of flow chemistry testing services at their fully-equipped head offices in Cheshire, UK.

“One of today's most important tools for modernizing the pharmaceutical industry is a process known as continuous manufacturing”

Director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Janet Woodcock M.D.