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Flow Reactors

for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Continuous flow reactors from AM Technology offer a viable alternative to large-scale batch chemical manufacture for the chemical & pharmaceutical industries.

The production of APIs, pharmaceuticals, fine, speciality and bulk chemicals by the Coflore range of flow reactors, affords a productive, versatile and cost-effective route from the laboratory to multi-tonne production.

Our actively-mixed flow reactors are compatible with a versatile range of reaction mixtures, including liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, liquid-gas and solid-liquid-gas, under a range of reaction conditions, for many chemical processes.

We welcome the opportunity to test reaction-specific, single- and multi- phase processes in flow (including slurries), at our testing facilities in the UK.

Continuous flow processes designed and optimised in the laboratory can be scaled-up to the process plant for pilot and multi-tonne chemical production.

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Flow Reactors for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

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