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Flow Reactors for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Coflore® flow reactors from AM Technology are actively mixed and multi-stage; a combination that decouples mixing and plug flow from residence time. Residence times are controlled by the flow rate of the pump without compromising mixing or plug flow performance. Coflore flow reactors are scalable and compatible with many different reaction types from liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, liquid-gas to solid-liquid-gas, and can produce up to thousands of tons of material per year in a single reactor.


Coflore flow reactors combine attributes from batch and flow technologies, to afford a reactor which is as versatile and productive as batch, whilst maintaining the efficiencies of flow. Residence times from seconds to hours are interchangeable, whilst maintaining orderly flow, and without the need for configurational changes or add-ons to the reactor.

Coflore Flow Reactor Range:
Scalable, Versatile, Productive
Coflore Flow Reactor Range

Coflore ACR

Laboratory Scale

100 mL Reactor Volume

Coflore ATR

Pilot Scale

10 L Reactor Volume

Coflore RTR

Production Scale

100 L Reactor Volume

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