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Coflore Flow Reactor Range

Versatile. Productive. Efficient.

Coflore Digital ACR Render

Laboratory Scale

100 mL Reactor Volume

Coflore ATR Render 2022.png

Pilot / Production Scale

10 L Reactor Volume

Coflore RTR Render 2022.png

Production Scale

100 L Reactor Volume

Grams / Kilograms

Kilograms / Tonnes

Tonnes / Kilotonnes

Flow Reactors that suit your chemical process, not the other way around

Coflore flow reactors take you from discovery chemistry to production plant

Process development

Scale up

Route scouting

Reaction optimisation

Catalyst screening

Solids compatible

Multiphasic reactions

High pressure chemistry

Liquid-Liquid extraction


Immobilised catalyst

Slurry flow

Coflore ACR  

An actively mixed, bench-top flow reactor, for developing and optimizing chemical processes in flow, or for when limited quantities of reactants or material are available or required. The Coflore ACR reactor process channel is divided into ten reactor cells, equivalent to ten CSTRs in series for plug flow.

For a 5-minute residence time, the Coflore ACR produces 1.2 L of material per hour.

Coflore ATR

A variable volume tubular flow reactor of up to eight reactor tubes in series for plug flow (0.35 to 10 L reactor volume). Directly scalable from the Coflore ACR, with active mixing technology, to produce material at pilot and production scales.

For a 5-minute residence time, the Coflore ATR produces 120 L of material per hour.

Coflore RTR

A 100 L production scale flow reactor, capable of processing countless reactor volumes without interruption. Such throughputs have the potential to produce many thousands of tons of material per year from a single reactor. The Coflore RTR operates as a ten-stage, actively mixed, and self-baffling plug flow reactor.

For a 5-minute residence time, the Coflore RTR produces 1,200 L of material per hour.

Coflore Digital ACR Render
Coflore ATR Render 2022.png
Coflore RTR Render 2022.png

“One of today's most important tools for modernizing the pharmaceutical industry is a process known as continuous manufacturing”

Director of the FDA’s Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research,

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