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Coflore RTR

Production Scale Flow Reactor

The Coflore® Rotating Tube Reactor (RTR) combines the benefits of flow and batch chemical processing within a single flow reactor. 

The Coflore RTR has a 100 L capacity that is capable of processing countless reactor volumes without interruption.  For a 5-minute residence time, the RTR can produce 1,200 L continuously per hour, or 28,800 L continuously per day. Such throughputs have the potential to produce many thousands of tonnes

of material per year.  


An easy route from laboratory optimisation and feasibility to production has been established in conjunction with the smaller Coflore ACR and ATR flow reactors.

The Coflore RTR: the productivity, scalability and versatility attributes of batch combined with the efficiencies of flow, within a single flow reactor.

The Coflore RTR operates as a ten-stage,

actively-mixed, self-baffling continuous flow

reactor with efficient orderly-flow characteristics.  According to the CSTRs in series model, the RTR flow reactor behaves as ten theoretical stages.

Coflore RTR with Enclosure


Easy to clean and sterilise

The reactor unit is easily disassembled and reassembled to facilitate efficient cleaning and sterilisation of all wetted components, including the agitator.

Intrinsic Safety

The RTR enclosure operates a safety protocol whereby access to the reactor is only possible once the critical system components of the reactor have been completely shut down.

Heating/cooling (-40 to 150 ˚C)

The three-zone jacket delivers heat-transfer performance with the option of tuning the heating and cooling conditions to suit the reaction kinetics.  Each temperature zone can be heated or cooled independently of each other.



The inertia mixing and efficient heat-transfer performance of the Coflore RTR enable it to effectively process single- and multi- phase reaction mixtures, such as liquid, liquid-liquid, liquid-gas, solid-liquid and solid-liquid-gas, including dense slurries.

The Coflore RTR employs inertia-generated radial mixing that gives high mixing performance without the need for rotating drive shafts, mechanical seals or wall-mounted baffles. Such advancements overcome difficulties in mixing that can be present in flow designs when processing higher volumes and throughputs.  This leads to a simple but effective design that also overcomes blocking and fouling, issues that have traditionally been associated with continuous flow reactors.

The axial blades rotate in reciprocating cycles to give self-baffling and radial mixing.  Maximum turbulence and shear conditions exist at the very outer region of the tube to optimise multi-phase handling characteristics. This delivers short mixing times, excellent mass-transfer conditions and optimum heat-transfer capability, whilst eliminating back-mixing to maintain plug flow performance.


Mixing performance is independent of residence time and is unaffected by low flow velocities.


As with all actively-mixed flow reactors from AM Technology, residence time is adjusted by the flow rate of the pump, without the need for configurational changes to the reactor itself.

RTR Enclosure.71.png

Coflore RTR with Side Enclosures Removed

​Coflore RTR Specifications:

  • Working volume: 100 L

  • Reactor temperature: - 40 to 150 ˚C

  • Pressure: up to 10 Bar

  • Residence time: <1 minute to many hours

  • Mixing : Active mixing

  • Number of mixed stages: 10

  • Wetted materials: 316 Stainless steel or Hastelloy C276

  • Production scale: Multi-kilogram to multi-tonne

  • Throughput: 0.1 L/min to 200 L/min

  • Addition/sample points: 10 process ports

  • Temperature monitoring: Up to 10 points

  • Data logging: Programmable process parameter recording 

RTR Comparison2.png

Size comparison: Coflore RTR vs 7000 L batch reactor.


For a 5 min residence time, the Coflore RTR can process >28,000 L in 24 h

Coflore RTR Reactor Tube (cut away)

Coflore RTR vs 7000 L Batch Reactor

Size Comparison


Coflore RTR Reactor Tube (cut away) showing internal agitator

Coflore RTR Agitator

The RTR Reactor Tube houses the Agitator Assembly. The Agitator is free to rotate inside the tube, and is supported at either end by Agitator Supports. The Radial Baffles on the Agitator split the RTR Reactor Tube into ten stages for efficient plug flow performance. The ten process connections along the side of the RTR Reactor tube align with each stage. The blades of the Agitator are designed to ensure the process medium is gently and efficiently mixed inside of each Agitator stage. The time spent by the process medium in each stage depends on the overall process residence time as set by the operator.

Safe Area Control Panel.30.png

Coflore RTR Control systems

The Coflore RTR is operated via a separate control panel, connected to the RTR Enclosure via control cables. The control panel incorporates a PLC with 5.5” touchscreen HMI for operator interface. Local monitoring of the RTR can be performed via an optional ATEX touchscreen HMI located in the ATEX area. The optional ATEX HMI located within the hazardous area mirrors the user screen of the control panel HMI.

RTR Agitator Trolley Full Assembly.2.png

Coflore RTR Agitator Removal Trolley

Facilitates simple removal of the agitator for cleaning and maintenance purposes


Coflore RTRs Installed in Process Area

Dr Reddys RTR.21.png

Coflore RTR Reactor End Flange


Coflore RTR Reactor End Flange


Coflore RTR Facility Installation (minus enclosure)

Coflore RTR Facility Installation (minus enclosure)

Coflore RTR Digital Control Features and Specifications​:

  • Temperature Display with up to 8 temperature inputs and 8 temperature displays

  • Programmable alarm for high and low temperature set points

  • Ethernet connection enabling remote control via PC

  • Start/Stop agitation with 3 speeds

  • Remote DCS/PLC interface for remote agitation control with local and remote emergency stop

  • Data logging for process monitoring & data export to MS Excel

  • ATEX certification and CFR21 compliance options available on request

Coflore RTR Control System Specifications:

  • Drive Motor: 3.3 kW

  • Power Supply: 3ph+E+N

  • Control System: Schneider PLC & HMI

  • ATEX Zone II option available

Coflore RTR Technical Specifications​:

  • Total Reactor Mass (empty): 530 kg

  • Reactor Volume: 100 L

  • Heat Transfer Area: 1.5 m²

  • Heat Transfer Zones: 3

  • Material Options: 316 Stainless steel or Hastelloy C276

  • Operating Pressure: FV/10 Bar

  • Operating Temperature: - 40 to 150 ˚C

  • Noise: < 70 dBA

Coflore RTR Dimensions:

  • Height: 1940 mm

  • Width:  2250 mm

  • Length: 1200 mm

  • Reactor Tube ID:          264 mm

  • Reactor Tube Length:  1800 mm

RTR Diminsions.PNG

Coflore RTR Dimensions

For further details on the Coflore RTR please call +44 1928 237420 or email

RTR Datasheet.PNG

“One of today's most important tools for modernizing the pharmaceutical industry is a process known as continuous manufacturing”

Director of the FDA’s Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research,

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