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Coflore Flow Reactors



Establishment and Development of Organolithium-Mediated Continuous Flow Process for Intermediate of Canagliflozin

Gemba Yano*, Mai Hyakumura, Kimihiro Nakano, Hiroaki Yasukouchi*, Hideo Kawachi, Makoto Funabashi, Takahiro Ohishi, Yu Ogawa, and Akira Nishiyama


Preparation of (3R)-quinuclidinol using heterogeneous biocatalytic hydrogenation in a dynamically-mixed continuous flow reactor

Sarah E. Cleary, Sofia Kazantzi, Joshua Trenchard, Martin Monedero, Jack W. Allman, Tara C. Lurshay, Xu Zhao, Michael B. Kenny and Holly A. Reeve


Process Intensification Techniques For Combined Cooling & Antisolvent Crystallization Of Drug Substances

Shivani A Kshirsagar


Flow chemistry in the multi-step synthesis of natural products

Li Wan, Gaopan Kong, Minjie Liu, Meifen Jiang, Dang Cheng, Fener Chen


Continuous-flow synthesis of the nucleobase unit of remdesivir

Yongxing Guo, Minjie Liu, Meifen Jiang, Yuan Tao, Dang Cheng, Fener Chen


Eco-friendly processes for the synthesis of amorphous calcium carbonate nanoparticles in ethanol and their stabilisation in aqueous media

Lauriane Chuzeville, Frank Boury, David Duday, Resmi Anand, Enzo Moretto and Jean-Sébastien Thomann


Effective Phosphorylation of 2,2′-Methylene-bis(4,6-di-tert-butyl) Phenol in Continuous Flow Reactors

Hanlin Yao, Li Wan, Xiaoyu Zhao, Yahui Guo, Jian Zhou, Xiaofan Bo, Yuxin Mao, and Zhong Xin*


Coagulated Mineral Adsorbents for Dye Removal, and Their Process Intensification Using an Agitated Tubular Reactor (ATR)

Alastair S. Tonge, David Harbottle, Simon Casarin, Monika Zervaki, Christel Careme and Timothy N. Hunter


Kinetic Studies of Cs+ and Sr2+ Ion Exchange Using Clinoptilolite in Static Columns and an Agitated Tubular Reactor (ATR)

Muhammad Yusuf Prajitno, Mohamad Taufiqurrakhman, David Harbottle and Timothy N. Hunter


Flow behaviour of an agitated tubular reactor using a novel dynamic mesh based CFD model

Yi He, Andrew E. Bayly, Ali Hassanpour, Michael Fairweather, Frans Muller


A concise flow synthesis of indole-3-carboxylic ester and its derivatisation to an auxin mimic

Marcus Baumann, Ian R. Baxendale and Fabien Deplante


Characterization of a continuous agitated cell reactor for oxygen dependent biocatalysis

Asbjørn Toftgaard Pedersen, Teresa Melo de Carvalho, Euan Sutherland, Gustav Rehn, Robert Ashe, John M. Woodley


Continuous flow synthesis of chiral amines

Breen, JR, Blacker, J, Gasparini, G et al.


Scaling Up Biocatalysis Reactions in Flow Reactors

Gilda Gasparini, Ian Archer, Ed Jones, and Robert Ashe


Opportunities for Process Intensification Technologies in Nuclear Effluent Treatment: A Review of Precipitators, Adsorbers and Separators

G. Yaghy, A.S. Tonge, H. Abouhakim, R. Peeling, M. Talford, L. O'Brien, A. Paksy, P. Nevitt, F.L. Muller, B.C. Hanson, T.N. Hunter


Process intensification of dendritic fibrous nanospheres of silica (DFNS) via continuous flow: a scalable and sustainable alternative to the conventional batch synthesis

Karuna Veeramani, Nagaraj Nayak, Neil R. Cameron and Anil Kumar


Physical and numerical characterisation of an agitated tubular reactor (ATR) for intensification of chemical processes

Hugh P. Rice, Yi He, Frans L. Muller, Andrew E. Bayly, Robert Ashe,
Andrew Karras, Ali Hassanpour, Richard A. Bourne, Michael Fairweather, Timothy N. Hunter


Continuous flow process for preparing budesonide

Manjinder Singh Phull, Surender Singh Jadav, Chander Singh Bohara, Rambabu Gundla, Prathama S Mainkar


Development of a Fully Continuous-Flow Approach Towards Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Tetrahydroprotoberberine Natural Alkaloids

Weijian Li, Meifen Jiang, Minjie Liu, Xu Ling, Yingqi Xia, Li Wan, Fener Chen


Fully Continuous Flow Synthesis of 5-(Aminomethyl)-2-methylpyrimidin-4-amine: A Key Intermediate of Vitamin B1

Meifen Jiang, Minjie Liu, Huashan Huang, and Fener Chen*


Solvent Extraction and Mass Transfer Assessment in Novel Extraction Technologies

James Miller


Continuous Sugar Beet Pulp Pretreatment and Bioconversion in a Biorefinery Context

Roberto Chiocchio


A facile and practical Amination of 4-Fluoronitrobenzene in continuous flow

Zhilong Luo, Xije Wang, Xinchen Fan, Chao Kang, Yang Su, Yaoxuan Zhang & Song Chen


Continuous Flow Process for Reductive Deoxygenation of ω-Chloroketone in the Synthesis of Vilazodone

Avedis Karadeolian, Dineshkumar Patel, Prabhudas Bodhuri, Gamini Weeratunga, and Boris Gorin


Sustainable Flow Synthesis of a Versatile Cyclopentenone Building Block

Marcus Baumann, Ian R. Baxendale, Paolo Filipponi, and Te Hu


Controlled Flow Precipitation as a Valuable Tool for Synthesis

Paolo Filipponi, Antimo Gioiello, and Ian R. Baxendale


Biocatalytic oxidase: Batch to continuous

Edward Jones, Kay McCleana, Sally Housdena, Gilda Gasparini, Ian Archer

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“One of today's most important tools for modernizing the pharmaceutical industry is a process known as continuous manufacturing”

Director of the FDA’s Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research,

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