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Coflore Multi-Phase Handling Rig (MHR)

Automated Solids Handling in Flow

Overview of the Coflore MHR

The Coflore Multi-Phase Handling Rig (MHR), in combination with the Solids Exchange Valve (SXV) has been designed to overcome the limitations of handling solids and gases in flow by facilitating an effective, efficient, and automated method of processing multi-phase reaction mixtures in flow when integrated with the Coflore ACR, ATR and RTR continuous flow reactors.

Traditionally, solid-liquid reaction mixtures have been problematic for continuous flow reactors due to the propensity of solids to cause fouling or blocking of flow channels. Such a build up of solids can interrupt the flow of the medium through the process channels, leading to poor reaction outcomes and complete shut down of flow through the reactor. Liquid-gas reactions in flow can exhibit similar complications via the accumulation of gas bubbles within the process channels.

After initial set-up and start-up, the Coflore Multi-Phase Handling Rig automates and manages the entire reaction process from start to finish, without the need for user-intervention, making way for the processing of traditionally problematic reaction processes such as hydrogenation and Grignard reactions under flow conditions.

More information about the handing of solids as slurries in flow can be found HERE.


Diagram of the Coflore Solids Exchange Valve (SXV) 

MHR Diagram.png

Diagram of the Coflore Multi-Phase Handling Rig (MHR) Setup with the Coflore ATR

  • Pump 1 is used to control the flow rate of reactant A

  • MHR Flow Controller with a series of valves controls total process flow through the ATR flow reactor

  • MHR Automated Gas Vent automatically vents excess gas from the system

  • Stirred Head Tank pumps slurry B through the recycle loop under turbulent flow conditions, maintaining a uniform distribution of solids.

  • Solids Collection Tank collects and removes solids from the product stream, for recycling to the stirred head tank or disposal

  • Solids Exchange Valve (SXV) accurately controls slurry feeding into the Coflore ATR flow reactor

  • Gas is in fed at the bottom of the Coflore ATR flow reactor, excess gas is vented through the gas vent above the SXV

“One of today's most important tools for modernizing the pharmaceutical industry is a process known as continuous manufacturing”

Director of the FDA’s Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research,

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