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AM Technology has grown! Introducing our latest addition to the team…

Earlier this month, AM Technology welcomed our newest addition to the team, Dr Mike Kenny.

Mike has joined the team as our new Business Development Manager and will be getting to know all our existing customers over the next few weeks and months. Mike will also be a regular at any conferences that AM Technology are exhibiting and will be dusting off his lab coat to help run product evaluations in our chemistry lab!

Mike previously did his PhD in medicinal chemistry at the University of Bath and had this to say about joining AM Technology:

"AM Technology's range of Coflore® reactors are fantastic pieces of kit for tackling a whole host of challenging chemistry with several advantages over traditional batch chemistry: safety, lack of downtime, and space requirements.

As a synthetic chemist, I worked on reactions such as Curtius rearrangements and hydrogenations that can be quite dangerous. The idea of scaling up these reactions in batch was particularly unsettling and it was clear to see the advantages that flow chemistry can offer.

I am looking forward to working with chemists globally to help scale up chemistry in flow with the ACR, ATR and RTR Coflore® reactors".

If you are interested in finding out how flow chemistry can improve your existing processes, and how AM Technology can optimise your chemistry in flow on the Coflore® systems then feel free to contact Mike directly over at

Welcome to the team Mike!


“One of today's most important tools for modernizing the pharmaceutical industry is a process known as continuous manufacturing”

Director of the FDA’s Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research,

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