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Timelapse of a Process Skid Assembly at AM Technology

The Engineers at AM Technology were extremely busy last week as we received two skid-frameworks for an ongoing project. We filmed a time-lapse of the assembly of one of the skids which you can watch here…

This project combines Coflore® ATR reactors with various other bits of kit such as large batch reactor feed vessels and continuous wiped film evaporation to provide a complete solution for our client.

A picture of a skid framework next to a 1200 L batch vessel
The skid framework before the vessels have been positioned

Skid 1 will incorporate 2x 10 L Coflore® ATR reactors and in total, there will be 7 skids all containing different equipment. The end result will allow our client to handle a multistage process involving batch chemistry, flow chemistry, work ups and crystallisations. When complete, a total of 6 x 10 L Coflore® ATR systems will allow for production of 44 Litres of crude material per hour!

AM Technology’s in-house chemical engineer Andy Karras said “Our tagline at AM Technology is “Engineering Chemistry” and that’s exactly what we have achieved with this project. Our client has a complex process with multiple steps and as such AM Technology have collaborated with various other partners to allow us to deliver a complete system including kit such as wiped film evaporation and crystallisation. We have been working hard on this project for a couple of years now and it is fantastic to see it near completion”.

We look forward to sharing more on this project as time progresses!

A Picture of a Process Skid being assembled
Skid 1 With the 3 Batch Vessels in place!

As always, if you ever want to find out more about how AM Technology can help with your chemical process please feel free to contact us on


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