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AM Technology Chemist Awarded Training Grant From the RSC

AM Technology’s in-house flow chemist, Sofia Kazantzi, has been awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry training grant to attend a course run by Scientific Update titled “Chemical and Process Safety for Development Chemists”.

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Sofia joined AM Technology in January 2021 as an RSC-funded intern after completing her MRes degree in Advanced Molecular Synthesis at Imperial College London. Her research project at Imperial was supervised by the Yetisen and Bull groups, looking at the synthesis of fluorophore agents and their applications in biosensors. In April this year, we were pleased to be able to offer Sofia a permanent position and we look forward to celebrating her first anniversary at AM Technology after Christmas!

A portrait photograph of Sofia Kazantzi
Our very own flow chemist, Sofia Kazantzi

Sofia is looking forward to attending the course, which runs across 4 afternoons between Monday 31st January and Tuesday 8th February and said:

“As an MRes student at ICL, the scale of chemistry that I worked on day-to-day typically involved less than 1 L of material and was carried out in round-bottomed flasks on a hotplate stirrer. Since joining AM Technology and focusing my attention on feasibility studies for our clients, I quickly started working with much larger jacketed lab reactors that are often used as feed vessels for our Coflore systems. It has been extremely interesting to see the ways in which much larger volumes of chemicals are handled compared to bench-scale and I have learnt a lot from my colleagues at AMT. I am extremely grateful to the RSC for awarding me this training grant that will allow me to further develop my abilities as a process-scale chemist and I am looking forward to the course!”

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If you are interested in finding out more about the course, then please head to the Scientific Update website here:


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