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AMT Go-Karting Highlights!

The AMT team tore up the Go-Karting track at Team Sport Warrington to find out once and for all who is the fastest racer! You can catch the highlights reel below from Mike's headcam, although there have been rumours spready round that he may have been quite selective with what was included!!!

Everyone had a fantastic time and it was a great chance to let off some steam after an extremely busy start to the year. The team had 15 minutes on track to warm up and get a feel for the layout of the course, followed by a short break before returning to the track to attempt to set their best timed lap.

It was neck and neck for second place, with Marko just clinching silver from Tom L by less than two-tenths of a second. The battle for mid-table was clinched by Tom E, even closer this time with just over a tenth of a second separating him from Mike. Organiser Matt found himself firmly in the centre of the pack, ahead of chemists and chemical engineers Josh, Andrew and Sofia. At the back, Jane pipped Dan to the finish line to leave Dan firmly in last place... better luck next time Dan!First place went to our engineering apprentice Luke - congratulations! The full best-lap table is summarised below:

1) Luke with 1:02.251

2) Marko with 1:04.543

3) Tom L with 1:04.741

4) Tom E with 1:06.627

5) Mike with 1:06.743

6) Matt with 1:07.056

7) Josh with 1:09.165

8) Andrew with 1:10.457

9) Sofia with 1:13.796

10) Jane with 1:17.106

11) Dan with 1:18.501

Special thanks to Matt for organising such a fun event, we can't wait for the next one!


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